CPR/AED & First Aid

School of Emergency Medicine

CPR/AED (American Heart Association- Heartsaver®) This course teaches adult and child basic CPR skills such as performing a head tilt-chin lift, giving compressions and breaths, and calling your emergency response number (or 911). The CPR/AED component can be taken separately or combined with First Aid.  It provides training for designated first responders, individuals needing credentialed training for job or regulatory requirements, or an entire workplace. This is a three hour course. Upon completion students receive a 2-year certification.

Heartsaver First Aid is a classroom course that is designed to meet OSHA regulations.  The course teaches basic first aid skills such as: making sure the scene is safe, first aid basics such as stopping bleeding that can be seen and helping someone with a possible broken bone or sprain, medical emergencies, and environmental emergencies. This is a 3 hour course- the certification is for two years. Heartsaver CPR/AED can be combined with First Aid for a 6 hour course.

Private One-On-One Courses

Private classes for individuals is available. Click a button below for more info. Private classes for groups or businesses are also available. Contact us via the Contact page for quotes and possible course dates.